Apr 04, 2017 by Will Maule

John Piper: "Don't Be A Man-Pleaser!"

As Christians, we are constantly seeking to live for God in this world, but it can be tough. We can be tempted to seek the approval of man. Our boss's, our parents, even our children. We need to release ourselves from this need to be approved! "On of the marks of seeing Christ through the scriptures, for yourself, is that you cease to be a man-pleaser," says John Piper at a recent conference. 

"If your authority and your gospel are dependent on people, you're gonna be a man-pleaser. If you're a man-pleaser, always one eye watching what the congregation are gonna think, what the mentions are gonna be in the tweets."

"If you've got one eye on that, you won't be a faithful witness to Jesus."

"You'll be a coward, that's what you'll be."

Check out this powerful message from pastor John below. 

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