Apr 06, 2017 by Will Maule

Bomb Survivor Testimony: "I Saw An Angel Catch A Bomb Headed Towards Me"

Chuck Pollack was working as a radio station manager in Lebanon when he experienced the worst nightmare for those living in the midst of warzones; a bomb heading right for him. Pollack was invited to move to the dangerous nation to set up a Christian radio station, but he was warned it could be blown up the first day it went on air. 

Chuck answered the call of God, and took his wife and 3-year-old daughter to the war-torn country. "We were never afraid. We were cautious, but never afraid. Because we knew we had God's perfect control over our lives. Whether that means we would be martyred, that wouldn't make a difference. As long as we were at the centre of God's will."

Chuck describes the horrendous frequency of the bombing in the surrounding areas. "There wouldn't be a period of 20 seconds when a shell wouldn't hit the ground. We couldn't shut down. We were on the air 24/7," he says.

Then, something odd happened. "I was doing the morning show. Our antenna station said that there was a blue glow coming from the tower. So we went and checked it out," says Chuck. 

Then, as they arrived, the relentless shelling stopped. An eery silence ensued. 

"Then all of a sudden the loudest noise i've ever heard in my entire life. They stopped shelling intermittently and began to bombard the entire valley with everything they had.

The shelling, previously targeted at one particular enclave of Christian communities, began to move towards Chuck and his friend.

"We began to get nervous," he recalls.

"We began to run. Then shells started to land around us. We realized we weren't gonna make it. I stopped and said, 'let's pray!' We didn't even have time to hit the ground. I just prayed, "God, help!" 

Then, something SUPERNATURAL happened. 

"After I prayed that prayer, I opened my eyes, and 30 feet off the ground I saw an angel. I saw an angel catch a mortar shell that was heading for us. He reached around with his left hand, grabbed it by its fins, turned it around and threw it back where it was flying from. That was the last shell that fell that day."

Watch Chuck's amazing testimony below. 

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