Apr 18, 2017 by Will Maule

College Football Coach Keeps Posting Scripture Despite Being Slammed By Atheists

The head coach at a large university in Mississipi continues to use his social media accounts to declare the word of the Lord, despite being repeatedly criticized by atheist groups, reports Christian News. Hugh Freeze is the head coach of the football team at the University of Mississippi, and is an outspoken Christian. 

“Corporate worship is designed to keep us from ever taking the redeeming love and grace of our Lord for granted,” he posted on March 19. “Since our standing with God is based not on our righteousness but on Christ’s, in moments of failure, we can run to Him and not from Him!” he declared on March 6.

"It is only when the peace of God rules my heart that I can know real peace with others!!” he Tweeted on February 17. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has expressed vehement opposition to his social media posts. “Though FFRF respects Freeze’s right to tweet as a private citizen, he may not promote his personal religious beliefs while acting in his capacity as a university employee,” FFRF said in the release. “FFRF asks that the University of Mississippi take immediate action to ensure that Coach Freeze, Coach Harris, and the rest of the university’s athletic department are made aware that they cannot promote religion while acting as university employees."

But Freeze will not be swayed from his Christian convictions. Over the past two weeks, he has posted a number of additional Christian references on his Twitter account, including one that mentioned the “totally unmerited gift of grace thru sacrifice,” adding, “Thank you Jesus.”

Amidst threats over the future of his job, this bold coach is standing strong in the Lord. Pray for him!


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