Apr 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Atheist Sues For 'In God We Trust' To Be Removed From Money

Militant atheists Michael Newdow is back in the courtroom arguing that "In God We Trust" should be declared unconstitutional and be removed from all currency in the United States, reports LifeSiteNews. But the Becket Fund, a law firm dedicated to defending religious rights, believes Newdow’s arguments are unhistorical and even self-defeating.

“God is not a dirty word,” said Becket lawyer Diana Verm. In his line of argument, Newdow is also arguing that every federal reference to God discriminates against his own belief that there is no God. He compares “In God We Trust” to the maintenance of “separate but equal” public facilities for white and African Americans in pre-1960s southern U.S. states.

“How can you not compare those?” argues Newdow. “What is the difference there? Both of them [whites and blacks] got equal water. They both had access. It was government saying that it's OK to separate out these two people on the basis of race. Here we're saying it's OK to separate two people on the basis of their religious beliefs.”

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