Apr 21, 2017 by Will Maule

St. Louis Shooting Witness: "I Was Calling 911 In One Hand And Jesus In The Other"

A witness to Thursday's shooting of two Laclede Gas employees has said that she desperately called out to Jesus whilst calling 911 at the same time, reports KMOV. The gunman walked past neighborhood residents, seemingly targeting the two workers, before killing himself.

Manyik McCoy was with her children and nephew when she saw the man walking purposefully down the road, before hearing six gunshots. Sheltered in her home, McCoy cried out to the Lord, whilst desperately calling the police. 

“My kids witnessed it, McCoy said. “My son is 4 and I have a nephew who is 4 as well. My youngest daughter is 24-months.“ 

"I was calling 911 in one hand and Jesus in the other," she said. “It’s just hard, very hard. I would never have expected this.”

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