Pastor Husband Of NYC Judge Found Dead In The Hudson Says It Was Not Suicide

Apr 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first African-American woman to sit as an associate judge on the bench of New York State's highest court was found dead in the Hudson River last Wednesday. Whilst many have speculated suicide, her Christian minister husband believes it is something much more sinister. 

"These reports have frequently included unsubstantiated comments concerning my wife's possible mental and emotional state of mind at the time of her death," Jacobs said in a statement cited by NBC News. "Those of us who loved Sheila and knew her well do not believe that these unfounded conclusions have any basis in reality."

Police are uncertain how long Abdus-Salaam's body had been in the water, nor could they establish a cause of death. The Rev. Jacobs said his wife "loved Harlem and its people and lived there for nearly all of her adult life." 

"I now join with the NYPD in asking anyone in the neighborhood to step forward with any information that might help us determine what may have happened during those hours before her death," the priest pleaded in his statement.

"Sheila has not been a practicing Muslim for the past 20 years," said the Turner Family in their statement also cited by NBC News. "She continued to use her first husband's surname professionally. We will forever remember witnessing her happiness as she united in marriage to an Episcopal priest last year."

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