Apr 28, 2017 by Will Maule

Pope Arrives In Egypt Amidst Serious Security Concerns

Pope Francis has arrived in Egypt amidst serious concerns for his security. The pope has refused to travel in an armored vehicle as he tries to mend relations between Christians and Muslims. His visit comes just three weeks after Islamic militants staged twin Palm Sunday church attacks, reports CBN.

He will meet with Egypt's president, patriarch and the "other" pope, Tawadros II of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He will also visit Al-Azhar, the revered 1,000-year-old seat of learning in Sunni Islam. The Pope will hold a peace conference on Friday afternoon. 

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, says that the primary goal of the trip is to encourage peace and understanding. "The fundamental issue is education, and educating those of different religious beliefs and especially the young, to have great respect for those of other faiths," Parolin told the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano. "The question of language is fundamental: when you use a violent language, there is the danger that it can result in violent acts."

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