May 10, 2017 by Will Maule

Bono: 'The Psalms Are Missing In Christian Music!'

U2 frontman Bono has said that contemporary Christian music is missing the rich Biblical content found in the Psalms. In those selected Psalms one sees a "song of mercy, song peace, a song of hubris, a song of rage, a song of tears, a song of searching, a song of humility," the singer said in a conversation with David Taylor, theology and culture professor at Fuller Theological Seminary. 

"Why is it in Christian music that I can't find them?" he asked, noting the utility of those Psalms. I think there are some trapped artists," he said, "and I'd like them to be un-trapped."

"Isn't it incredible that Jesus starts with His mission, the year of our Lord's favor, the year of Jubilee, He gives sight to the blind ... it's justice, it's not charity," Bono asserted. "Go look at the art, go look at the graffiti, go listen to the hip-hop coming out of the ghetto blasters [boomboxes]. Some of it is strong stuff but it's honest. It's reflecting the real state of the soul."

Watch the discussion below. 

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