May 12, 2017 by Will Maule

Abedini Accuses Franklin Graham Of Getting Rich Off Christian Persecution Issue

Formerly imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini has voiced his hurt over not being invited to the persecuted Christian summit in Washington D.C, despite being one of the most well-known persecuted Christians in the nation. "Oh, and guess which persecuted Christian was not invited to speak? Six hundred people from 130 countries. And I'm not one of them," he writes on Facebook. 

Abedini believes that certain Christians use the emotive subject of the persecuted Church to make a lot of money. "While I was in prison, they spoke about me on their TV and radio shows. They held prayer vigils in my name in DC and all around the country. And yes, they asked you to donate because of my horrible plight," he writes.

"And while they tugged at your heart strings to donate, (for which I remain so grateful) I remained in prison, and they remained in their mansions. And their jets. Earning millions off the backs of people like me."

Then, following his release, Abedini claims he was dropped by all his former frends. "But once I got released, the story was over. Literally just like that. No one wanted to meet with me," he writes.

"And everyone thinks I am just bitter and angry. I don't know if any of you have been used the way I was so publicly, and by so many, in the name of Christianity. Can you imagine having so many people pretend to be for you, and then every single one of them acts as if you no longer exist? Every. Single. One."

Saeed says that it is more difficult to know who is enemy is in the United States. "At least in Iran, I knew who the enemy was. Here it was not so obvious. But the damage done is greater. In Iran they could only hurt my body. Here they have destroyed my soul," he writes. 

"What kind of Christianity is this? To know a brother is in pain and not to try to provide healing. And these are the spiritual leaders of our nation. So heartbreaking and so sad," he says. 

"I said before and I repeat again, These people don't have any understanding of a persecuted life."

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