May 18, 2017 by Will Maule

Convicted Jakarta Governor Spends His Days Reading The Bible In Prison

The former governor of Jakarta Basuki "Ahok" Purnama was a leading Christian politician for five years, before he was imprisoned on charges of blasphemy. The 50-year-old has gone from holding high office in Indonesia's capital, to being holed up in a tiny prison cell with nothing but a Bible for company

Earlier this week, his sister, Fifi Lety Indra, visited Ahok in prison and revealed to the Jakarta Post that her brother is getting back to reading the Bible and is sharpening his Mandarin skills, reports CBN.

"My brother also asked for a notebook, I think he needs a medium to share his feelings because prison can be lonely," Indra said. With such a busy schedule as governor, Ahok's sister said that her brother often had to skip Bible reading. Now in his small cell space, she believes his situation "could be a blessing in disguise."

"Who knows, maybe he can produce quality writing while in detention," Indra told the newspaper. On May 9, a panel of five judges found Ahok guilty of allegedly blaspheming the Quran.

Pray for him!

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