May 18, 2017 by Rik Bokelman

President Trump Shared A Powerful Story On How God Answers Prayer

President Donald Trump gave a commencement speech yesterday at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. He shared an inspiring story on how God answers prayers through the lives of the USA Coast Guard officers. 

This is what the president said: 

"We see how priceless that gift of life is to the people you touch every day. A few years ago, a Coast Guard helicopter and rescue swimmer took off in the direction of three terrified fishermen who clung to their sinking and burning vessel.

"That day, our Coast Guard heroes did their jobs well. They flew over the sea, despite tremendous danger, and extended a helping hand at the moment it was most urgently needed. There was very little time left."

"But that's not the most remarkable part of that story. As one Coast Guard swimmer put it, you do that stuff all the time. You do it every hour of the day. Something is happening all the time with the United States Coast Guard. You do an amazing job."

"A remarkable thing happened with that rescue, but when you think of it, you do those rescues all the time. There, the Vietnamese fishing captain grabbed the swimmer's hand. He looked his Coast Guard rescuer in the eye, and said: 'I was asking God to please let me live ... I need to see my kids. Please, God, please, let me live so that I can see my kids. Then God sent me you.' That's what he said."

"To every new officer, and to every new Coast Guard member here today, or out protecting life around the world on some of the roughest waters anywhere, you truly are doing God's work."

Watch Trump's remarks below. 

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