May 19, 2017 by Rik Bokelman

John MacArthur: A Lot Of Christians Try To Survive On Candy, Cokes, And Fries

Christians struggling with arrested spiritual development have no one to blame but themselves. That's the message of John MacArthur on his blog in an article on the subject of 'watching your spiritual diet'. 

"All Christians are supposed to be growing in Christlikeness: 'For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son' (Romans 8:29). But there is often a disconnect between Romans 8:29 and what we see happening in the church," he writes.

"Some Christians simply don’t grow. Spiritually they remain stunted, never becoming what God has called them to be."

"Worse still, if you challenge these believers, they may deny culpability for their stunted growth and indignantly argue that they are growing—albeit at their own pace! Everybody wants to grow; it’s just that some people want to grow with no effort, and that’s where the problem lies."

"When believers aren’t growing, it’s almost always symptomatic of a failure to be in God’s Word. They may attend church regularly, but what they learn dissipates rapidly once they exit the building. They often complain that they’re not getting much out of church or the Christian life. They are weak and rundown when it comes to facing temptations, trials, problems, and challenges. They lack the vigor to do much of anything for the Lord."

"The root cause of their arrested development is spiritual malnourishment—their souls are starved for wholesome spiritual food. The Bible refers to itself as milk, bread, and meat, but spiritually a lot of Christians are trying to survive and thrive on candy, Cokes, and fries. They aren’t growing because their diet is tragically deficient. Ironically, the solution to their problems is in the very thing they refuse to feed upon—God’s Word."

"Postmodern culture churns out an endless supply of distractions from God’s Word. Radio, television, films, the Internet, computer games, books, and magazines—all of which dull our appetites for genuine spiritual food. Christians must not allow themselves to be distracted from the nourishment that only God’s Word can provide."

John MacArthur encourages people to dig in the Bible again and again. "One of the many statements that the Bible makes concerning itself is that it is a 'living Word.' In Philippians 2:16, Paul calls it the 'word of life.' Hebrews 4:12 says, 'The word of God is living and active.' In 1 Peter 1:23, it is 'the living and enduring word of God.' There are no more significant or more important statements that refer to the Bible than these. It is through this living Word that we are born again and made alive spiritually. And it is through the living Word that we grow up into Christ." 

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