4-Year-Old Boy Survives Drowning After Mom Prays For A Miracle

May 19, 2017 by Will Maule

A 4-year-old boy is beings described as a "miracle" child after drowning and being starved of oxygen for 28 minutes. John-Henry Birtle, who attends a primary school in the UK, was on holiday with his family when the accident happened. He was discovered by his mother, Roseanne, at the bottom of the swimming pool. 

She told the Newark Advertiser she jumped into the pool to pull him out and hotel staff members administered CPR for 20 minutes before his pulse returned, according to The Independent. “He was starved of oxygen for 28 minutes. For those 28 minutes he was gone,” she said.

But Roseanne committed herself to praying for her son as she administered first aid. "We were praying the whole time the lady was giving him CPR, and I had faith that God was going to heal him," she recalled. John-Henry was rushed to hsopital and was on life suport for 13 days. The docts said he would never walk or talk again. 

"Doctors said he won't have a good quality of life, he would not walk or talk or be able to recognize us," Roseann said. But the family continued in prayer. Then, God performed a true miracle. The boy walked out of hospital fiev weeks later, in absolutely perfect health. 

"He is my miracle boy," Roseanne declared. 

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