Tracy Morgan Talks About Meeting God During His Near-Death Car Accident

May 19, 2017 by Will Maule

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan has opened up about his experience of almost being killed in a car accident back in 2014. Morgan was left in a coma when a Walmart truck driver, who hadn't slept for 28 hours, crashed his 18-wheeler into Morgan's limousine. Morgan's friend James McNair died at the scene. Morgan was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but eventually made a full recovery. 

Morgan talked to Seth Meyers about his experience. "God was thinking about bringing be through the pearly gates and said "Ah, just take him back down." Morgan said. "He's gotta do a whole 89 years because of what he did in the third grade."

Morgan jokes that he cheated in a social studies test. "I copied off the smart girl. She passed and I failed!" Meyers asks Morgan if this is why he thinks he was sent back to earth?

"Everything goes down in the big book!" replies Morgan. "God's a hard ass, just look at the Old Testament. Jesus is New Testament so he's cool." 

Watch Morgan talk more below. 

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