May 24, 2017 by Will Maule

Osteen's Come Under Fire For Throwing Up 'Devil Hand Gesture'

Joel and Victorioa Osteen, who lead Houston megachurch Lakewood, have come under some criticism after photos appeared on social media showing them giving the 'rock on' or 'devil' hand sign. The Osteen's were celebrating their son's graduation from The University of Texas, when they posed with the hand sign. 

However, anyone living in Texas will know that the sign is in reference to the Texas Longhorns athletic team. Still, that didn't stop the Osteen's from receiving some harsh criticism on social media "What symbolic signs are u showing the world?" Twitter user @AndreUPX asked in response to Victoria Osteen's photo. "Congratulations for belonging to the [the devil] or what?"

Another Twitter user with the handle @hoodysoldy replied to Victoria Osteen's tweet by asking, "what's with the Satanist hex?" Twitter user @JosefSoabeb told Victoria Osteen that "your teachings have uplifted us but that sign makes me concerned and worried."

Doing horns?! Even though is UT, that symbol ain't good! Thats devil's symbol!" Twitter user @isaachogg wrote.

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