May 30, 2017 by Will Maule

Prophecy On The President: God Says 'I Played My Trump Card And I Will Win The Hand'

Pastor and author Johnny Enlow has declared what he believes to be a fresh word from God regarding the turmoil of Washington D.C. and the future of President Trump, according to Charisma. He reassures Christians that Trump has been appointed for such a time as this, and will be in office for as long as God intends. 

"Last night I was awakened with an intense and fiery word from the Lord that I will attempt to convey. This is what I heard:

"Be not moved and shaken by the present shakings, rumblings and reactions coming out of D.C. I did not go out of My way to affect this last election to then suddenly have it aborted. I played My Trump card and I will win the hand. This move does not require My Trump card to be perfect, as I have already taken all of that into consideration—as I always do—when I choose anyone for any assignment that I have," he said. 

"Jesus was the last man who had the character in place to actually sustain the call upon His life. Since then no one has had the character base necessary for the great assignments that I have given out. Do not wrongly assume that I only call those who are qualified. I instead continually work to qualify the called, but I have amazing patience for that process. Yes, I am actively at work in upgrading My Trump card's character even through the fire he is going through."

"I have chosen to play My Trump card as an interrupter of darkness and as a lead domino for national reformation—that will lead to reformation among the nations. The status quo of government had become entrenched on dark strongholds and I have played My Trump card as a disrupter of those strongholds. I have released myriads of the hosts of heaven to assist with that assignment."

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