May 30, 2017 by Will Maule

Pastor Calls Out "Arrogant" Students Who Walked Out On Vice President Pence

A group of graduates recently walked out on Vice President Mike Pence as he delivered the address at Notre Dame University. Around 150 students marched out in what has been called a "silent protest." Opinion has been split on the action, that many are calling disrespectful and unnecessary. Pastor Shane Idleman has called out the students as "arrogant" and unappreciative of all that has been fought for in order to win them their freedom of education.

“Memorial Day is hard for me many times, because I know what the men and women, what they died for — that we would be one nation under God, not above God,” pastor Idleman said during a recent sermon. He continued, “And when I see college students walk out on Mike Pence … the same college students that would storm the beaches at Normandy, and then to see these arrogant college students walk out like they have the audacity to sit here and make a statement like that breaks my heart.”

“These kids that know nothing — these college students know nothing about hard work and self-discipline,” he continued. “They get upset when the wrong person’s elected and they have to have special rooms where they can go and cry. God help us. Buy them a box of fidget spinners and let’s move on.”

“To see a nation that was one nation under God now become a nation above God, and calling evil good and good evil — and we just wink and we turn around like it’s no big deal,” the pastor said. “Trust me: when you read scripture, it’s a big deal.”

Watch Idleman's message below. 

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