May 30, 2017 by Will Maule

YouTube REMOVES Video Of Abortionists Describing "Ripping" Babies Heads Off

Video hosting website YouTube has reportedly removed a planned parenthood video showing abortionists graphically describe their procedures, according to The Christian Post. The footage shows abortionists explicitly referring to their work as "violence," and "killing," complaining about how hard it is to rip apart with forceps the "tough little object" known as the baby. 

Culture of Life Africa founder Obianuju Eckeocha responded to the censorship on Twitter: "Have [you] ever wondered how the Nazis' crimes committed against humanity weren't stopped sooner? YouTube shows us exactly how that's possible."

The video was supposedly taken down for "violating YouTube's Terms of Service."

Pro-life group Live Action suggested that YouTube "has caved to the abortion industry's censorship pressure.

A powerful Instagram post from IngaMae Carlin was re-posted by Bethel worship leader Brian Johnson.

There's not a second that goes by that I don't think about abortion ending. I will use my social media platform to keep on informing people in case they didn't realize how bad it was. But also to ask God to give us wisdom on how we can do our part to see abortion end. Let's change history. Let's end abortion. To see full video #endabortion #centerformedicalprogress #Repost @thinking.lady Shut it down. @realdonaldtrump @drrandpaul @jasoninthehouse @tgowdysc @seanhannity #Plannedparenthood #abortion #prolife #prochoice #murder #abortionismurder #afetusishuman #science #plannedparenthoodsellsbabyparts #centerformedicalprogress

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