May 30, 2017 by Will Maule

Church Members Who Tried To Beat 'Homosexual Demons' Out Of Man To Face Trial

Members of an evangelical Christian sect are going on trial after allegedly trying to beat 'homosexual demons' out of a former member. Matthew Fenner says that he joined Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, North Carolina, with his mother and brother in 2010, but that he fled on January 27, 2013, after he was attacked by two dozen members for two hours as he was leaving a prayer service, according to AP.

Sinning members are routinely 'purified' by being punched, choked, and thrown to the floor as a means of expelling demons. One witness told the AP that Fenner's beating 'made me sick'. The case is now finally headed to the North Carolina Superior Court. 

"I'm going to have to relive that night again," said Fenner of the trial. Fenner said that nearly two dozen people surrounded him in the sanctuary when he was slapped, punched, choked and 'blasted' - a church practice that involves intense screaming - for two hours as they tried to expel his 'homosexual demons'.

"They just kept hitting him over and over. It was horrible. ... I thought that [Fenner] was going to be the first person they killed," said former member Danielle Cordes.

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