May 31, 2017 by Will Maule

Egypt's Copts Insist On 'Defending The Cross' Even After Brutal ISIS Murders

Egyptian Coptic Christians are being heavily targeted by ISIS fighters in a spate of bombings and shootings. The latest atrocity saw Copts marched off a bus outside Cairo before being shot dead; men, women and children. But this ancient community of believers is not giving up the fight for their faith. 

"With blood and soul, we will defend you, oh cross!" Copts yelled at the Church of the Sacred Family in the village of Dayr Jarnous following the recent massacre. "We will avenge them or die like them," they said, according to Reuters. "There is no god but God and the Messiah is God!"

Many world leaders have fiercely condemned IS' massacre of Copts, with U.S. President Donald Trump calling the Friday attack a "merciless slaughter" that "tears at our hearts and grieves our souls."

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