May 31, 2017 by Will Maule

Missouri City Refuses To Remove Cross From Public Park Despite Atheist Complaints

A city in Missouri has flatly rejected the demands of atheist groups to remove a cross from a public park that has been there since 1930, reports Christian Post. "It is the position of the city council that the correspondence forwarded by this organization was deficient in identifying authoritative case law within the 8th Circuit and is further of the opinion that, in fact, controlling case law would support the continued presence of the cross within the park," reads the city of Neoshos statement.

"Therefore, it is the unanimous opinion of the city council that the city of Neosho will not remove the cross or take any other actions which in any way compromises the long-standing history of our city."

"We ask you to remove the cross from Big Spring Park immediately or direct the display [to] be moved to a more appropriate private location," said the Freedom From Religion Foundation in their letter. 

However, it seems that on this occasion, the city will not be bowing to the atheist's demands. 

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