Jun 01, 2017 by Will Maule

Are These New 'Fidget Spinner' Kids Toys Actually Satanic?

If you have young kids, you may well have had to shell out a few bucks for a 'fidget spinner' - the spinning toy that is taking the world by storm. But do they harbor a darker message? The Church of Satan has refuted claims that that fidget spinner is secretly masking the number 666 - the "number of the beast." 

A post circulating online stated: “Parents be aware – Satan is targeting and indoctrinating the children with these toys," according to The Sun. However, there are some real dangers to the most recent craze. Last month a mum from Australian warned the toys could take kids’ eyes out after her son threw one up in the air and it struck him in the face on the way down.

Plus, in Texas, a girl aged ten needed emergency surgery after a piece of one of the toys got lodged in her throat. But it is safe to say that these relatively harmless toys are not tools of Satan!

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