Jun 07, 2017 by Will Maule

TBN's Late Jan Crouch Found Liable For Covering Up Granddaughters Alleged Rape

The late Jan Crouch, TBN's most recognizable figure, has been found liable of covering up the rape of her granddaughter, according to Christianity Today. A California jury has found that she is partly to blame for mishandling an incident when her teenage granddaughter was allegedly molested and raped at a telethon in 2006.

Carra Crouch, now 24, was awarded $2 million in damages in a civil case against her grandmother over the emotional pain from when she says she was sexually assaulted by a TBN employee. Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, which runs TBN, has been ordered to pay $900,000 of the damages.

Carra was allegedly raped by a 30-year-old Trinity employee at an Atlanta hotel.  When Carra told “Momma Jan” what happened, the ordained minister allgedly did not report the case to police. Instead, she acted against her obligation as a mandatory reporter under California law and also blamed the teen for being alone with the man.

Carra Crouch said her grandmother got angry and asked her, “Why would you have that man in your room? Why would you let this happen?”

“The jury ultimately determined that Jan’s response, by blaming and castigating Carra, by saying words beyond all realm of decency, constituted outrageous conduct,” David Keesling, Carra Crouch’s attorney, told the Los Angeles Times.

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