Jun 08, 2017 by Will Maule

United Methodist Pastor Resigns Over Church's Pro-LGBT Stance

A United Methodist minister has resigned over his Church's increasingly staunch pro-lgbt position. The New York Annual Conference of the UMC recently reaffirmed its stated opposition to the UMC's policy against ordaining noncelibate homosexuals, according to The Christian Post. 

Pastor Chuck Ferrara of Patchogue United Methodist Church tendered his resignation to his regional body's pro-LGBT stance. "First, I was an Army Captain Special Forces ODA A-team commander. We were a small group of twelve who could be dropped anywhere in the world to ruin your day. It was ingrained in me to obey the chain of command and follow orders to the most minute detail (provided the order was lawful)," wrote Ferrara in a letter to the Bishop.

"Second, I am retired as an NYPD lieutenant who spent a career enforcing the laws; I didn't bend them, I enforced them. I was honest, held my head high with integrity and was fair as I carried out my duties."

When I played football, baseball, and basketball, I put on a uniform with pride and took the field. There were rules I had to abide by. Home plate was 17 inches, not 23. You didn't widen the plate to satisfy a pitcher or hitter who could not abide by the rules," continued Ferrara.

"Our board has just widened the plate without the official approval of General Conference. This, in my opinion, is mutiny. I will have no part of that based on the aforementioned."

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