Jun 13, 2017 by Will Maule

"God Is Never Absent," Says London Minister Who Reopens His Church Following Terror Attacks

Southwark Cathedral has reopened its doors for the first time following the London terror attack. The Cathedral is just around the corner from the London Bridge and the site of the brutal terror attacks a couple of weeks ago, and was cordoned off by police since that fateful night. 

Cathedral Dean Andrew Nunn recalled the “living nightmare” of the terror attack, but also talked of the hope and resilience he sees in the city as it recovers. “God was not absent on that Saturday night; God is never absent," he declared. 

“Saturday night last week was like a living nightmare. It's the kind of experience that only happens to other people, not to you, not on your own doorstep. But it happened to us, it happened on our own doorstep, literally; it happened in our own community that we love and that we've served in Christ's name for over 1400 years,' said Nunn in his first sermon since the attack. 

Those years have seen their share of war and pestilence and fire but I doubt that ever before has the church been inaccessible to worshippers for a week, inaccessible as the place of peace and contemplation that people expect and need, inaccessible as the place of welcome and embracing, radical hospitality and love that we seek to be. But it happened,” he continued.

“Confront evil with love," he implored. 

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