Jun 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Franklin Graham: 'There Are No Second Chances After Death. It’s Either Heaven Or Hell'

Evangelist Franklin Graham has written an impassioned message on Facebook imploring people to repent and turn to Christ before it is too late. As he says, there are "no second chances" after you die - it's either heaven or hell. "Mad as Hell”—You’ve heard people use the term. But the phrase makes me think about a Hell full of people who are mad at themselves because they didn’t listen," Franklin writes on Facebook. 

"Mad because they didn’t repent and accept God’s offer of forgiveness for their sins through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. Mad because they turned down eternity in Heaven, and they’re spending time without end in Hell."

The decision needs to be made now, urges Graham. "The decision for Christ needed to be made while they were alive on earth—there are no second chances after you leave this world. It’s either Heaven or Hell. How about you? Have you made this crucial decision about the eternal destiny of your soul?"

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