Jun 16, 2017 by Will Maule

Can A Murderer Accept Jesus On Their Deathbed And Still Go To Heaven?

It is the question on many inquisitive minds. Logically, how can it make sense that someone who has caused death and destruction on this earth, say a simple prayer on their deathbed and go to be with Christ forever? This was a question asked by an apologetics student at a recent Dr. William Lane Craig conference. 

A man asks what would happen to a murderer or rapist if they were to turn to God the day before their death. Would he forgive them of all their wrongdoing without question? 

"If a person acknowledges his moral sin or failure and sincerely turns to God in deep contrition and repentance, then God as a loving God will forgive him," says Lane Craig.  

"God is not a hard-hearted being. He is a gracious, loving, heavenly father who is anxious to forgive the sinner."

So do his sins go unpunished?

"No," says Lane Craig. "Christ bears the penalty for those sins. On the cross Jesus suffers the penalty for the sins of the whole world."

"The demands of God's justice are met. He doesn't just blink at sin. His wrath and justice is poured out but Christ bears it as our substitute so that one needn't bear it themselves."

"God forgives sinners no matter how miserable they are, as long as they repent and turn to Him."

Watch Craig answer the question below. 

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