Jun 19, 2017 by Will Maule

12-Year-Old Mormon Girl Comes Out As Gay In Front Of Her Entire Church, Gets Thrown Off Stage

A twelve-year-old girl has come out as gay in front of her entire Mormon congregation, before being prematurely cut off by Church officials. “God loves me just this way, because I believe that he loves all his creations... I do believe he made me this way on purpose,” she says in her address. “No part of me is a mistake. I do not choose to be this way, and it is not a fad. I cannot make someone else gay and being around me won’t make anyone else this way. I believe that God wants us to treat each other with kindness, even if people are different.”

“I want the Mormon Church to know that gay people are beautiful, they are just as good and whole as everyone else, and they deserve life long love,” said the girl's mom, Heather. “Savannah wants the Church to know that she isn’t bad, that God loves her, and she is gay because she was born that way. ‘Tough love’ won’t take the gay away. Christ would want us all to just love.”

Watch her speech below. 

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