Jun 23, 2017 by Will Maule

Doug Wilson Says SBC Was "Played" Into Condemning White Supremacy

Evangelical pastor Doug Wilson has asserted his belief that the Southern Baptist Convention was "played" into condemning the alt-rght and white supremacist movement. He believes such a move will only add fuel to the hate in these extremist groups. 

"The SBC statement admirably denounces every form of racism in general, but specifically denounces only one kind of racism, the kind that has recently come bubbling to the surface in the alt-right movement," wrote Wilson on his blog.

"What this does is almost completely ignore where the alt-right movement is deriving its energy. So that pot is coming to a boil. What is the burner underneath that pot? How is it that they are attracting recruits?" he asked.

Wilson suggests what would have happened if resolutions to condemn the Nation of Islam or Black Lives Matter were introduced by the SBC.

"The same sin is rejected, and for the same reason — because of the denial of what the blood of Jesus Christ was intended to do. God intended to make one new man out of the two. Right?" he suggested.

"Does anyone believe that such a resolution would sail through? I am afraid that it would not. There would be an uproar because, while the theology was righteous, there would be legitimate suspicion that there was a surreptitious (political) agenda in the selectivity of the identified villains. And so there would be."

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