Jun 26, 2017 by Will Maule

Preston Perry Articulates The Love Of God Through Stunning Poem About His Daughter

Poet Preston Perry asks the question "Have you ever experienced God's love as a Father through your child?" He asks this question through a beautiful spoken word about his daughter, Eden. "Then came a little paradise of my own. My daughter poured out of my wife's womb like an overflow of grace. And blossomed by fertile heart into spring." 

"I didn't know a newborn and bellowing in so much beauty. I never knew someone so small can turn my chest into a cathedral. The way my heart sings symphonies every time I walk in the door and she smiles at me like a warm sunrise greeting a chilled ocean in the morning." 

"God, I can't help but to think that you knew what you were doing when you allowed me to unwrap this gift called Fatherhood. In fact, I can still smell the day you became my Father. The clouds the color of everything new. Dawn just began to yawn over the cusp of darkness to paint the skies with glorious light. Veils fell from my eyes and I saw you for the first time."

"I cried out to you, sorta like Eden did when she broke free from the warmth of the womb. You broke me free from my chains. Grabbed me by the heart and slow danced me into salvation. Since then, you have embraced me as your child. Cradled me in your will."

Watch the full video below! 

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