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Jun 30, 2017 by Will Maule

John MacArthur Rebukes Theologian N.T. Wright As A False Teacher

Theologian and pastor John MacArthur has called out New Testament theologian N.T. Wright as a false teacher in some very harsh remarks. "I have read his writings, and they are a mass of confusing ambiguity and contradiction," says MacArthur. 

"I cannot tell you what he believes after reading all of that. But I can tell you what he does not believe. 'We have paganized our understanding of salvation, substituting the idea of God killing Jesus to satisfy his wrath, for the genuinely Biblical notion we are about to explore,' says Wright. He calls Jesus becoming the substitute that God killed to satisfy his wrath for us, paganism."

"He rejects substitutionary atonement. He rejects Jesus as the sacrifice that God chose to die for our sins. He is very clear on what he rejects. He rejects the idea that our sins are imputed to Christ. He rejects the idea that His righteousness is imputed to us." 

"N.T. Wright is N.T. Wrong," declares MacArthur. 

But many disagree with MacArthur's statements, believing him to have misunderstood the British scholar. "Blatant misrepresentation of N.T. Wrights positions. Sad," writes one YouTube user. "This guy obviously has not finished reading the book," another adds. 

"I've listened to NT Wright several times and have never heard him deny these basic Christian truths. Truly, these comments by MacArthur must be out of context. I find myself greatly saddened by this misrepresentation. Often, when I hear MacArthur, I find him to be very smug and condescending."

Watch MacArthur talk more about this below. 

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