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Jul 06, 2017 by Will Maule

4 Worship Leading Mistakes That Can Damage Your Congregation

Worship leading is an incredibly important ministry, and must be stewarded with the utmost care and respect. As a worship leader, you are tasked with drawing the congregation into the presence of God, and must take this responsibility very seriously. With that in mind, be aware of making certain mistakes that could potentially damage your congregation! Kristen Gilles at Church Leaders highlights 4 key mistakes to avoid. 

1. Being practically unprepared to lead
"This one is pretty simple: Know your music, lyrics and chords, and know it well. And have your music clearly marked with any key changes, etc. If you don’t have it memorized, make sure you have your music organized and easy-to-read in front of you while you’re leading. If you’re fumbling through your chords and lines while leading, your congregation is surely going to be distracted."

2. Acting like a rock star
"It’s not helpful to anyone in the congregation for you to be giving your best rock performance during gathered worship times. Save that sort of showmanship for other arenas and stages. We serve our people best when we point them to Christ, and not to ourselves."

3. Being Swept Away in Personal Worship Ecstasy
"It is good and appropriate for us to abandon ourselves completely to the Lord in worship. This is not about that. This worship leading mistake is about being swept away in our own personal worship experience while we’re supposed to be presently leading our congregation."

4. Making a Bad Transition Between Songs or Liturgy
Sometimes we worship leaders feel it’s necessary to segue between songs and/or liturgical readings and prayers in order to avoid any potentially awkward silence. But we shouldn’t be afraid of or avoid the silence. Although most of our congregants will be somewhat uncomfortable in this silence, it’s good for us to practice times of silent reflection. 

Worship Leading
- Paul Washer On Why Young People Are Not Singing In Worship
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