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Jul 07, 2017 by Will Maule

Ken Ham Insists Low 'Ark Encounter' Attendance Due To Lack Of Local Hotels

Controversial creationist Ken Ham has said that the relatively low attendance at his 'Ark Encounter' attraction is due to a lack of local hotels. Ham says that his preiction of greater attendance over this next year is based on the condition that "we see more entrepreneurs building additional hotels to accommodate our visitors."

That being said, he says he is very happy with visitor numbers since its opening last year. "Interestingly, a state-commissioned study [from 2014] predicted that if the Ark Encounter were a themed attraction featuring our creationist beliefs (and it does), it would draw 325,000 visitors the first year. The Ark reached that figure in less than three months," Ham wrote at "While tourism-related businesses are thriving in Grant County, especially in the city of Dry Ridge, more tourist facilities are desperately needed to handle the Ark crowds. The lack of hotel rooms limits us to 7,500 to 8,000 guests visiting the Ark in a day."

But he says Williamstown, which has a population of roughly 4,000, needs more tourist-related services. "[S]o it needs more businesses like hotels and restaurants if it hopes to experience the growth that Dry Ridge is now enjoying," Ham wrote. "Thankfully, more development is coming to Grant County. The mayor of Dry Ridge tells us that three new hotels and two restaurants are about to be built because of the Ark. Even during the winter months when Ark attendance is not as huge (which is the case for almost any attraction), the Grant County Tourism Development Office reported that hotel occupancy in the county was an amazing 97 percent! The office acknowledged it was almost all due to the Ark's presence."

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