Jul 18, 2017 by Rik Bokelman

Christian Father Charged With Murdering His Daughter For Dating Muslim

A Christian father was charged with murdering his daughter for dating a Muslim, reports Israeli newspaper Sami Karra allegedly killed his 17-year-old daughter Henriette because she was dating an imprisoned Muslim man and reportedly had plans to convert. Her mother told the police her husband felt humiliated by his daughter's behavior and saw it as an affront to the "family's honor." 

Father Sami said to his wife, according to a recording: "Forget about her, let her go to hell. It's not worth another shekel to even chase after her, she's garbage. We need to whip her, throw her away like a dog and see how she does. She's already gone; I'm sick of her and you."

Henriette knew her family was after her and attempted to flee. Henriette was found dead of stab wounds in her own home last month.

Sami Karra and Henriette's mother and uncle were all arrested for the crime.

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