Aug 07, 2017 by Will Maule

Ex-Meth Addict Helps Others Get 'High On God' In His Own Spiritual Crack House

Amongst the many dark and sordid elements of drug addiction are the places in which the addicts gather, often known as 'Crack houses.' But this one ex-addict wants to change the nature of these spiritually bleak places, and create an environment where addicts can come and get 'high on God.'

"The Devil had his crackhouse, now I'm gonna have my crackhouse," Brandon tells VICE News. "This used to be the main crack house," he says as he invites the reporter into a large property. "It was all boarded up, there was 9mm cartridges all over the doors. Just all kinds of crazy stuff cos' it's a crack house."

"Our goal is to trance out the entire planet on the drunken glory," says Brandon. "And really let them physically experience that there's no high like the Most High."

"It's a free substance. It's closer than the air you breath," he says of the Holy Spirit. "The point of the drunkenness is experiencing God," says another member of the group. 

"Religion is the most evil substance on the face of the earth. Christianity in its purest form is pure pleasure, pure spirituality that benefits everyone around you continuously by positive energy." 

"2000 years ago they were experiencing ecstasy in the Holy Spirit and its been a common occurrence throughout Church history."

"It's pure Biblical Christianity."

Watch more on this crazy story below. 

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