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Aug 08, 2017 by Will Maule

Myles Munroe Explains The True Characteristics Of The Ideal Christian Man

Have you ever thought 'what are the characteristics of the ideal man?' There are many different worldly opinions on this, and many of them are misguided. But what does the Bible say? Well, pastor Myles Munroe, who was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2014, has some very interesting advice, straight out of Genesis.

Munroe states that it is the man's job to 'cultivate' his wife, to care for her and love her, building her into all that God created her to be. "Cultivate means to bring out the best in everything around you. To make everything fruitful. He only said that to the male. That's why God will never give the male a finished woman."

He also says that man should work. "God gave man work before woman," he declares, citing Genesis 2:15. Munroe declares that men should seek to get a job before they can expect to be blessed with a woman in their life. 

So, what else should be at the centre of the 'ideal man'? Well, he should be the protector.

"Guard the garden. The male is supposed to be the protector of everything under his care. That's why God gave you a bigger frame, a larger muscle mass."

"Not to abuse the woman, but to protect the woman."

Then, finally, God gave man his word.

"God said Adam, don't touch the tree." 

"The male was the only one who God the word of God. His job was to teach his wife the word of God."

Watch Munroe explain these more below. 

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