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Aug 08, 2017 by Will Maule

Does Science Really Disprove The Existence Of God? Watch This!

Does science really disprove the existence of God? As the scientific method has developed, this has been a major assertion of the new atheists. But does an increase in scientific discovery really tell us that God does not exist?

"Personally, I contend that educated and truly scientific thinking further leads us to believe in God's existence," declares Vlogger and comedian Chad Prather. "Science may explain how things work, but it doesn't prove that there isn't a 'who' behind the 'how'."

"If I could fully explain how an apple computer works would not mean Steve Jobs never existed," Prather continues. 

"The fact that science shows us that the universe in which we live had a beginning, is knowable, regulated and finely tuned for life points for me to a God that made it that way." 

"If there's no God then our minds are nothing more than chemicals and atoms bouncing off each other between our ears. If we're simply the product of unguided, random natural selection, what makes us think that we can even produce science that is reliable or even remotely accurate?"

"If we're simply the result of millions of years of evolutionary process, then we would only be concerned with the survival basics of fleeing, feeding, fighting and reproducing." 

"Why did everything we need to exist come into being? Science can't fully answer that."

Watch Chad talk more about this below. 

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