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Aug 10, 2017 by Will Maule

The One Phrase Christian Parents Should Ban From Their Households

As Christians, we want to honor God in our speech. Too often, we let our mouths speak offensive or even blasphemous language. It is a biblical command to watch our tounges at all times. But there is one key phrase that has come common amongst kids, and maybe it is time for us to cut it out. 

"That's not fair." 

Sounds pretty harmless, right? Well, perhaps it is more destructive than you think. "This is an insidious phrase, revealing a sin so bankrupt it goes back to the very beginning, back to the Fall of Man," writes Daniel Darling at Church Leaders. "Maybe it seems a bit melodramatic to bring all of this up to my four children, ages 2, 4, 5, and 9. But I fear that if I allow them to embed entitlement in their little hearts right now, their first reaction to someone else getting an extra dessert, a gift from a friend, a new pair of shoes, is “That’s not fair.”"

Now, in many ways, they are right - life is not fair. The problem, however, is when we believe that we are entitled to abundant blessing in our lives, without any notion of suffering or trial. "This is what worries me most about entitlement. It is saying to God: I do not trust you to be my Father, to take care of my needs, to love me and care for me," highlights Darling. "Worse, it elevates self to a god-like position. Ingratitude says: I know better what is good for me. I’m a better god than God."

So, think about cutting these words out of your kids' vocabulary sooner rather than later! "Don’t let your kids say the phrase, “It’s not fair” about their own situation. It’s the phrase that pays in misery and alienation from God."

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