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Aug 10, 2017 by Will Maule

Joyce Meyer: The Four Keys To Spiritual Breakthrough

"If you need a breakthrough, what can you do?" asks preacher Joyce Meyer. "First of all you believe. Like a little child you believe!" That is certainly a good place to start - simply declaring that we believe in the power of Jesus is a very powerful thing. But how do we continue to see breakthrough in our lives?

"Ask God," Meyer declares as her second point. "When you go to God in Jesus name, you're presenting to God all that Jesus is not all that we are. None of us deserves God's help. That's what is so wonderful about the new life in Christ."

"Keep on knocking. God is your friend and he wants to meet your needs."

"Ask God to show you the truth," asserts Meyer. 

Thirdly, Meyer highlights a key element of breakthrough that many of us choose to shy away from. "Take responsibility for your life," she says. "You, partnering with God, and beginning to do what God shows you to do, is the only way to fix the problem. Somebody else isn't going to come and fix it, only God is going to fix it. And he's not going to do it for you, he's going to do it through you."

Finally, spend time with God!

"You can sit and do nothing. You can read. As long as you talk to Him honestly," Meyer says. "The thing that's important is that you give him the time."

"Stop having God work around your schedule, and start putting your schedule around God!"

Watch Meyer talk more about this below. 

Joyce Meyer
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