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Aug 10, 2017 by Will Maule

Archaeologists May Have Just Found The Jars In Which Jesus Turned Water Into Wine

A massive 2,000-year-old chalkstone quarry and workshop has been discovered in lower Galilee, and experts believe that this could be the very place where the stone jars were made that held the water that Jesus turned into wine! "A man-made chalkstone quarry cave was recently discovered between Nazareth and the village of Kana. What is unique in this excavation is the additional find of a stoneware workshop — one of only four in Israel," writes Amanda Borschel-Dan at The Times of Israel. 

The workshop was only discovered by chance as the construction of a sports centre got underway in the area. "So far, archaeologists have unearthed thousands of pieces of chalkstone that were scooped out from the inside of cups and bowls as they were formed," continues Borschel-Dan. 

"The production waste indicates that this workshop produced mainly handled mugs and bowls of various sizes. The finished products were marketed throughout the region here in Galilee, and our finds provide striking evidence that Jews here were scrupulous regarding the purity laws,” said Dr. Yonatan Adler, senior lecturer at Ariel University and director of excavations for the Israel Antiquities Authority. 

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Check out more on this incredible discovery below. 

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