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Aug 10, 2017 by Will Maule

21 INCREDIBLE Quotes From Hard-Hitting Bible Preacher Paul Washer

Paul Washer is one of those unique preachers - unafraid to speak the truth in love and grace, even if it hurts. His teaching is not for the faint hearted, but it is utterly brilliant. Packed full of scriptural promise, sound Biblical doctrine and a healthy dose of rebuke, Washer has distinguished himself as one of the most significant and pointed voices in American evangelicalism. So, without further ado, let's get into it. Here are 21 of Paul Washer's best quotes. 

1. On preaching the truth
“People tell me judge not lest ye be judged. I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like satan.” 

2. On relying upon the power of God
“I used to tell young preachers, in order to preach you've got to have the power of God on your life. Now I tell them, in order to tie your shoes you've got to have the power of God on your life.” 

3. On evangelism
“Everywhere......everyone you a potential brother or sister in CHRIST.” 

4. On the glory of the gospel
“It is only against the pitch blackness of the night that we see the glory of the stars. And it is only against the pitch blackness of man’s radical depravity that we can begin to see the glories of the gospel.”

5. On the Lordship of Christ
“Christ's lordship is a blessed hope for some & a terrifying nightmare for others. Regardless of our response, it is an unalterable reality.”

6. On mission
“When will we realize that one of the greatest mission fields in the West is the pews of our churches every Sunday morning?”

7. On true conversion
“If a person professes faith in Christ and yet falls away or makes no progress in godliness, it does not mean that he has lost his salvation. It reveals that he was never truly converted.”

8. On the greatness of God
“We rob men of a greater vision of God because we will not give them a lower vision of themselves.” 

9. On superficial Christianity
“We don’t have a lot of churches in America; we have a lot of really nice brick buildings on finely manicured lawns! Just because someone says they are of the Church or they are Christian, doesn’t make it so.”

10. On the Church vs secular culture
“Maybe that is why there are not a whole lot of problems between the church and worldly culture today, because we are not confronting the culture around us.” 

11. On Christian living
“The goal of the Christian life is the pursuit of an intimate knowledge of God that leads to a greater estimation of His worth, a greater satisfaction and joy in His person, and a greater giving of oneself for His glory.”

12. On legalism
"A lot of people think that Christianity is you doing all the righteous things you hate and avoiding all the wicked things you love in order to go to Heaven. No, that's a lost man with religion. A Christian is a person whose heart has been changed; they have new affections."

13. On God's love
"I have given God countless reasons not to love me. None of them has been strong enough to change Him."

14. On kids ministry
"Your children will go to public school and they will be trained for somewhere around 15,000 hours in ungodly secular thought. And then they'll go to Sunday school and they'll color a picture of Noah's ark. And you think that's going to stand against the lies that they are being told?"

15. On false prophets
"One of the greatest distinguishing marks of false prophet is that he will always tell you what you want to hear, he will never rain on your parade; he will get you clapping, he will get you jumping, he will make you dizzy, he will keep you entertained, and he will present a Christianity to you that will make your church look like a six flags over Jesus."

16. On pride
"Pride is a terrible and dangerous thing. It can take so many forms; it can even assume the appearance of humility. Pride can lead not only to self-exaltation, but also to self-abasement. The key to battling pride is not found in struggling against thinking too highly of ourselves or in striving to think of ourselves as lowly. The key is found in simply not thinking about ourselves at all, but setting our minds on Christ and the needs of others."

17. On being a Biblical Church
"The church must seek to be biblical rather than relevant. We are not going to leave a mark upon our culture because we have studied its ways and adapted ourselves to it. We are relevant when we reject the world outright and are its polar opposite! This present darkness provides a great opportunity for the church to be the salt of the earth, but if we mix with the very impurities we are supposed to expose... we are as useless as our culture already believes us to be."

18. On new life in Christ
"The true convert does not receive the gospel as an addition to his previous life, but in exchange for it."

19. On bearing fruit
"Radical Christians are not people who wear Christian t-shirts. Radical Christians are those who bear fruit of the Holy Spirit."

20. On personal suffering
"I would not trade the difficult years for all the prosperity in the world. God knows what each one of us must suffer in order to be conformed to the image of Christ."

21. On Repentance 
"Repentance is simply giving up to stop fighting against God and to stop attempting to gain your own salvation through your own works; to literally give up and fall upon Christ. That is salvation."

I know, some of these are hard to stomach. But take some time to ask the Lord if He is speaking to you through them - sometimes the truth spoken plainly is so powerful! Share this article with someone who needs to hear it today. 

Paul Washer
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