Aug 11, 2017 by Will Maule

The Unnerving Fashion Marketing Of Bieber's Instagram Pastors

Pop sensation Justin Bieber recently cancelled the remaining dates of his 'Purpose' world tour in order to focus on his personal life. Many suggested that he has re-dedicated his life to Christ, and needed some time out. Either way, Bieber has been spending a lot of time with the likes of Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz and Seattle City Church pastor Judah Smith. The curious thing? Both of these pastors seem to have started wearing the same apparel as the Beeb. 

"It is not exactly news that pastors have learned how to dress with style and panache; this has been the case since Hillsong burst onto our cultural radar," writes Sam Schube at GQ. "But when did it become cool for the biggest pop star in the world to dress like his pastor? Or, perhaps more to the point: when did rock-star preachers start dressing like Justin Bieber?"

"They all love wire-framed aviators converted into regular glasses (or maybe they’re lensless)," Schube continues. "But being a Hypepriest is about more than just looking cool. It is also about marketing."

For example, Chad Veach, the pastor at Zoe Church, was spotted out on the town with Bieber, wearing his Church's merchandise. Bieber Instagrammed a photo of the pair and tagged Chad in his post. That is some epic marketing value. "Now, the million and a half fans who liked Bieber’s photo, and the millions more who swiped past it, perhaps vaguely registering the content, know what Zoe Church is. Or if they don’t know that exactly, they know that this guy with the notable glasses and the cool t-shirt and the really cool twentysomething pop star friend is interesting," writes Schube.


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"Or at least just friends with Justin Bieber. And maybe that’s enough: those millions of mostly-teenage fans are already members in the church of Justin Bieber. Why not join another?"

"I suppose I am surprised that the primary public lesson these pastors seem to have learned from their pal Justin Bieber, who is very publicly figuring his sh** out, is that his tour merchandise was cool."

So, are these pastors putting a foot wrong by engaging so much with Bieber's fashion sense? "It is rather remarkable that the men Justin Bieber has entrusted to deliver that guidance have decided to dress like Justin Bieber," concludes Schube. 

"But even if he weren’t Justin Bieber, he’d deserve the guidance, spiritual or otherwise, he’s seeking. We all deserve that."

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