Sadie Robertson and Blake Coward


Aug 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Sadie Robertson Reveals She "Welcomed Sin In" During Past Relationship

Duck Dynasty star and devout Christan Sadie Robertson has spoken openly about the unhealth that was present in her previous relationship with college football star Blake Coward. "At one point, I began to believe that the essence of passion was emotion. Where you fight but make it through and kiss to forget. It was a love that was formed from the hard times," Robertson wrote on her blog.

 "We were so ... 'passionate'– and to me, it seemed like that couldn't possibly be a negative thing, because I heard the word passion at church all the time. That was a huge LIE and created so much confusion for me."

This behaviour created an unhealthy pattern in their relationship, highlights Robertson. "I thought our connection was so deep because we created this false love for ourselves that said it was okay to constantly fight like cats and dogs, scream hateful words and cry till our eyes were swollen," she recalled. "All we'd have to do afterwards is share a kiss, make up and then boom – our relationship would be stronger than ever. That was wonderful and all...until the next throw down came which was inevitably not too far around the corner."

"Over time, we welcomed sin in and allowed it to create a wedge between us and God. We unintentionally removed ourselves from the foundation of true love," she said. "God never moved or separated himself from us, we just tuned out truth and started walking down our own path. That is a dangerous yet very common place to be."

"I remember sitting outside of my hotel room in New York City after walking in fashion week. I was trying to hide from my family and friends so they would not see the makeup that was running down my face after an intense fight I just had on the phone," she recalled. "I clicked on my bible app and I re-read 1st Corinthians chapter 13. I remember comparing the conversation I just had with my boyfriend to the words I was reading in the bible, and let me tell was the furthest things from the words we ended with...I love you."

"If you experience moments of happiness and little things that help you hold on, but then find yourself experiencing pain that goes beyond what is healthy in a relationship, then you are living with a false passion," Sadie concludes. "Although it is normalized in our society, I want you to know that fear, jealousy, pain, selfishness, impurity, manipulation and degrading comments are all UNHEALTHY components in a relationship and should not be considered normal."

"Ps : This was Sadie written and Blake approved. I know what y'all were thinking, all is well mates."

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