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Aug 11, 2017 by Will Maule

3 Tips For Christian Parents When Discussing North Korea With Their Kids

With fear-mongering headlines swirling around about a war with North Korea and a possible nuclear holocaust, the world is a very scary place to be for adults, let alone little kids! But children are bound to feel apprehensive about this intense situation, and parents must seek to reassure them at this uncertain time. So, how should they go about this? Well, Dr. Russell Moore gives us 5 top tips. 

1. Consider the facts. 
"Because children have limited access to reliable information sources, it is commonly the case that they are uninformed or misinformed about difficult topics. Furthermore, they are still developing the ability to effectively process complex information in limited time frames," Moore writes at his blog. 

"Seek to be a reliable source of insight for your children when significant developments emerge."

2. Confront the fears. 
"When children encounter significant issues, such as global conflict, it often induces anxiety. As a parent, you need to be the one who can anticipate and respond to the doubts and questions that arise in your child’s heart. It is a natural part of fallen humanity for people to respond to uncertainty with anxiety. That is no less true for our children (and, often, parents) when it comes to situations like with North Korea."

"When you respond to them in honest and age-appropriate ways, you can signal how we follow a God we can trust, even in life’s most difficult circumstances."

3. Contend for the faith. 
"When controversial issues arise, it creates amazing opportunities for parents to reflect on the implications of the gospel for even the most challenging issues in our culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to help your kids learn how to apply the gospel to everyday life. You can help them learn more about how God is at work in the world when you faithfully equip them to process the difficult effects of living in a fallen world."

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