Former transgender Laura


Aug 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Former Transgender Says She 'Bought Into The Lies Of Satan’ And Was Redeemed By God

Laura Perry spent most of her teen years feeling very uncomfortable with the fact she was a girl. So, after many years struggling by, she decided to become a man. By her 20s, Laura began to call herself “Jake” and lived as a transgender “man” for eight years, taking opposite sex hormones and even undergoing surgery. But then, she realized she bought into the lies of the enemy and started seeking God. 

“I bought into the lies of Satan," she told the Baptist Press. Laura also explained that in her desperation she honestly thought being transgender “would make me happy.” She admits: “Inside, I was miserable and searching for real peace.”

But her mother, Francine, never gave up hope for her daughter, and prayed fervently for her healing. “When my mom sought God with all her heart and let the Holy Spirit change her, that’s when God started working on me,” Laura explained to LifeSiteNews. Then, God began to move in her life. 

“God opened my eyes to the truth,” Laura later explained. “He made me realize that the transgender life was … a dead end.”

Laura eventually went to Church and repented of her sins. “I didn’t know what came next,” Laura admitted, “but I was clinging to God’s promise that He would take care of me.”

"It was hard, but I had never experienced such peace and love as when I came back to church," Laura declared. 

“I’m so humbled by all that God has done."

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