Aug 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Attacks On Christians In India Hitting Record High, Persecution Watchdog Claims

International Christian Concern - According to persecution watchdog Open Doors, attacks on Christians in India over the first half of 2017 are hitting a record high. According to the group, Christians in India have reported 410 instances of harassment, threats, and attacks since the beginning of the year.

This includes severe beatings, false arrests, social boycotts, and even murders. Many claim that the current BJP-led government's inability or unwillingness to confront Hindu radical groups operating in India has played a major factor in the spike in persecution. With numbers hitting record highs, will India's government finally step up and start protecting its Christian citizens? 

"When Christians are beaten up by extremists, they are injured mostly on their heads or vital body parts. There was one incident earlier this year when the victim was attacked by a sword to his head," one local partner told Open Doors.

"He was bleeding profusely and was critically injured... Attackers do not care if the person dies. They know they will not be punished because the Government (and hence the judiciary) will take their side. In most cases attackers go unpunished."

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