Aug 11, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Threatened By North Korea, Christians in Guam Have a Stunning Response

Guam, the Pacific island territory of the US, has been caught in the crosshairs of North Korea's nuclear missile threats this week, but the Christians there have a stunning message for the rest of the world. 

Howard Merrell, who is the interim president of Pacific Islands University, a Christian university in Guam, told CBN News this week that the conflict between the US and North Korea hits close to home for Guam residents, and it's not just because Kim Jong Un has threatened to bomb them. 

"There are several congregations here in Guam that are predominantly Korean. It has a far greater impact on them because they have family, friends, loved ones in the Korean Peninsula," Merrell said. 

As Christians, however, he believes we should be more concerned with the persecuted church than nuclear weapons. 

"Rather than focusing on a danger that probably is not going to come to pass, I think a far greater focus should be prayer for the people of North Korea who live under an oppressive regime," he said. "We should pray for those that are in leadership, for people to live in peace and calm so that the gospel will have the opportunity to go forth unhindered."

Ultimately, he believes the people of Guam are spiritually prepared for whatever might come. 

"People are pretty calm. This is a place that has seen war and various turnover before," he said. "Being prepared for this sort of thing is not something that's  new to the people of Guam."

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