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Aug 15, 2017 by Will Maule

This Video SLAMS The Leading Atheist Arguments Against The Resurrection

When it comes to engaging an atheist in a conversation about God, you can feel as if you're on back foot, right? They may hit you with arguments of evolution or the big bang theory, and can make you feel as if you haven't got a sufficient answer to give. They may ask you "What's the difference between Jesus rising from the dead and all these other fairy tales?" Well, this new video answers many of the atheist arguments against the resurrection of Christ. 

"Here's the difference," the Christian man says in a video posted by Perry Jay Stewart. "My belief in the resurrection of Jesus is rational. It's based on historical facts. Jesus died by crucifixion." 

Then, the man lists 4 facts about Jesus Christ that may help you in answering all your atheist critics. 

1. "His disciples were convinced that he rose from the dead and appeared to them."

2. "Paul, a sworn enemy of the early Christians, suddenly became a Christian."

3. "Jesus' sceptical brother, James, also became a Christian."

4. "The tomb where they put his body was empty."

But what if they all lied? Was it all just a conspiracy? Maybe followers of Jesus stole HIs body and then pretended he rose from the dead?

"That's the conspiracy theory. The problem is, it doesn't explain all the facts. How do a few spineless fisherman, fearing for their lives, subdue a bunch of well-armed, professional Roman guards, roll away a two ton stone, steal a body, then hide it from a city swarming with people trying to find it."

"The disciples had absolutely nothing to gain by lying about Jesus' resurrection. They were persecuted. Five of them were martyred because of their claim that Jesus rose from the dead. People don't willingly die for something they no isn't true."

Watch the full video below. 

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