Aug 15, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Trump Cabinet Bible Teacher: "The Best Bible Study I've Ever Taught"

The Trump Administration is making Christian history! For the first time in over 100 years, weekly Bible studies are meeting at the White House, and the leader of these meetings says that the Trump cabinet members who attend the study are the best he's ever had. 

Ralph Dollinger, of Capitol Ministries, is the leader of the Bible study that is making headlines. The former NBA player founded his ministry with the hopes of guiding policy-makers on how to let their faith dictate their leadership. 

"These are godly individuals that God has risen to a position of prominence in our culture," he says of the Trump administration, which is full of boldly professing Christians. CBN News, which reported on the Bible study this week, says it has been called 'the most evangelical cabinet in history.' 

"I don't think Donald Trump has figured out he chained himself to the Apostle Paul," Dollinger laughs. 

Attendants to the study include at least a dozen members of Trump's cabinet, including such powerful people as Tom Price, Rick Perry, Betsy DeVos, Mike Pompeo, and Jeff Sessions. Dollinger admires these strong and faithful Bible adherents and speaks highly of their eagerness to study the Word. 

"It's the best Bible study I've ever taught in my life...they're faithful, available, and teachable, and they're at Bible study every week that they're in town." 

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