Aug 16, 2017 by Will Maule

Hillary's Pastor On Her Faith: "She's A Deeply Committed Disciple Of Christ"

As Methodist minister Bill Shillady releases his new book on the daily devotionals that he sent to Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign, he has given an interview with Religion News to attest for the authenticity of her faith in Christ. The book, 'Strong for a Moment Like This' contains numerous 'personal sermonettes' written by Shillady to encourage Clinton on her hopeful journey to the White House.

"She’s a very deeply committed Christian. I know many people are critical of that and don’t believe it, but in my heart of hearts, from the conversations that we have had and from the good that she does, she’s a deeply committed disciple of Christ," Shillady says. "And she’s a good Methodist. Methodists don’t talk about their faith very much. She doesn’t wear her religion on her sleeve, but I know that she practices it and she has spiritual disciplines, including reading the Scriptures every day and praying every day. People aren’t going to want to believe that, but it is true."

So, why do so many think she lacks authenticity or spiritual integrity? "I can affirm her authenticity. I have experienced it, and I have seen it with others. She has the kind of personality that is open and compassionate and concerned about issues of justice, and she’s a very loving person," Shillady continues. "I hope that someday, folks who are so critical might come to some understanding that they’re under the judgment of God just as much as everybody else instead of being the judges themselves."

And what about the story of Hillary considering becoming a preacher? Well, Shillady admits he was the source of that piece of news! "We were talking and she said she wanted to do some preaching," he says. "I think she would, indeed, make an incredibly good preacher, especially out of the life experience that she has just had of coming from one of the most difficult, devastating losses that a person could experience, to find that her faith helped her through that time. And she knows her Bible!"

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